Fulfilled by Shipio (FBS)

  • Fulfillment saves you time and money, optimizes work and makes it easier for you

  • You have no commitments for warehouse and employees, but you fully delegate / outsource this activity to us

  • It is cheaper because you pay only for the quantity employed and only for the number of processed shipments – compared to having employees with fixed costs and unclear revenues / unclear number of orders for the month

  • We store, pick, pack and ship the goods for your online store in real time

  • We give you the opportunity to scale your business in new European countries

  • Thanks to our integrations with couriers for whole Europe you receive additional discounts from the courier service

  • You increase your sales and have more free time to think about your business

  • Eliminate packaging errors thanks to our own software – Shipio

  • You have full transparency for each order and a complete report

How can we be useful to you

Storage of goods in online stores, merchants and manufacturers

Shipio Fulfillment Center is located in a central location in Bulgaria, in the town of Karlovo and has over 20,000 sq.m. area, of which 6.5 decares on the first class road Sofia – Burgas, on the ring road at the exit to Burgas opposite the Petrol gas station. The base has possible access to trucks, as well as an unloading ramp. Both pallets and a quick packing areas are stored in the halls.

The advantages of storing your goods with us are that you pay only for the occupied volume and time of the goods. This saves money.

You have peace of mind when you need to increase the volume – we can take as much goods as you have available.

Your supplier (manufacturer, importer or trader) can send your goods directly to our warehouse and we can record them.

You have access to a web-based platform in which you can monitor in detail all reports and each movement of goods. Thanks to it we eliminate mistakes.

We can provide better conditions for both warehousing and shipment processing, as we have our own base (we are not renting) and we have developed processes and procedures that optimize costs.

The warehouse of Shipio Fulfillment Center is certified by the BFSA for storage of food, beverages and food additives without temperature control.

The base has 24/7 video surveillance, SOD, security guards and insurance of the goods that are stored with us. You have a complete “Security” package, as well as peace of mind that we will do our job conscientiously, without mistakes and all shipments will be sent within the day.

Warehouse management

Once you decide to store a product with us, our job is to accept the product, count it, separate if there are products with visible defects, label it, store it on the shelves and mark in the system where it is stored, and to provide access so that you have information from each item how many units you have.

You have the opportunity to bring your goods with any means of transport – bus, truck or big truck. We will unload and count it, measure the volume and weight of the individual items and continue with the warehousing operations.

Processing and packaging of shipments

Using Shipio Fulfillment Center you will have the peace of mind that the math for your business will come out! This means that you will not have fixed costs for salaries and insurance of your employees, and at the same time unclear income in terms of how many orders you will have for the month. The same goes for renting a warehouse – whether you have occupied the whole room and how profitable it all is for you.

Shipment packing errors are Software Excluded. We strive to give as much added value to our customers!


At your request, we can call each shipment of your choice in advance, or individually selected orders (for example, above a certain value). For some of our clients we monitor their e-mail. The ringing of orders reduces the number of returned shipments to a minimum!

Delivery to end customers

You have the opportunity to save additional funds from courier services both for Bulgaria and up to 29 countries in Europe.

We give our customers the right to choose whether to prepare the waybills from their companies or through our account of the respective courier. Thanks to this we have volumes and provide a maximum discount for each trader.

The countries to which you can send shipments in Europe are the following:

Greece, Romania, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Monaco, France, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Melilla, island Madeira, the Azores, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Finland and Sweden.

Selling outside Bulgaria you can scale your business!

Import of goods from abroad and customs clearance

We can